Fountain Theatre Rental

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Rental Policy

Rental Policy applies to the rental of the theatre by other entities. For the protection of the building and murals and the safety of renters, theater rental will be limited to individuals aged eighteen (18) and older.

Information regarding the number of films to be shown, if any, and their format, i.e., DVD, BluRay, etc., as well as all technical information must be discussed directly with Head Projectionist; a separate fee will be incurred.

During the event, theatre staff will open the concession stand; proceeds go to the MVFS.

A board member must be present during the rental of the theatre

Rental Hours & Fees

Because the Fountain Theatre depends on volunteers, we ask that you schedule your event at least 6 weeks in advance; at least 8 weeks in advance if the event replaces a regular film screening.

Please note: As of August 2021, we are limiting our screening schedule due to COVID-19. Please talk to a board member about available days and times, as they may differ from what is listed above.


Rental Fees

Date and time agreed upon by MVFS and renter:

  • Businesses and individuals: $75/hour.
  • Non-profit group: $50 flat fee
  • Filmmakers: $50 flat fee.

Rental Fees – Theater Buy-Out

Event that takes place instead of a regularly scheduled film:

  • For-profit group: Sunday & Monday nights, $350; all other nights, $500. 
  • Non-profit group: Sunday & Monday nights, $250; all other nights, $400

Cleaning Deposit

  • $100.00 to be paid in advance
  • Refundable
  • Renter must sweep, wipe tables and take out trash
  • Tables and chairs must be put back to their original locations